He went down on one knee…sort of

The first red flag was the fact that my brother had blonde hair. Naturally blonde hair.

The next red flag was the fact that I was a running along Michael Jackson beach that ran right next to my father’s homestead. Apparently, it was named when he last visited our village and managed to jump into the river to save a young girl that was being attacked by a crocodile. The stories were a bit different, but the predominant one was that he held the crocodiles’ jaws apart, shouted at another passerby to pull the young girl out, then pushed the crocodile with so much might that it was thrown almost a mile away. The news didn’t report this widely, but the people in my village did not forget. And they named the beach the Michael Jackson’s beach.

The third red flag was the three-legged lion. He was chasing our herd of cattle in the hopes of getting its next meal. It was quite a sight to watch, really, seeing this three-legged beast run after the herd with so much gusto. But then I soon realized that the herd was headed my way, which meant the lion would be headed my way too. So I started running towards the house. The herd all ran past me and managed not to trample me. I was running as first as my tiny legs could allow, and they seemed really tiny. Really tiny. I saw my family all egging me on. My mom was on the forefront. She was shouting so loudly for me to keep running that I was tempted to see how far the three-legged lion was but I was too scared. My older brother, with equally really tiny legs, ran forward to help pull me into the house, but he tripped and fell. I ran into the house just as I saw my mom run out and quickly snatch my brother to safety. Behind the safety of the closed door, I turned to see the three-legged lion wobble away. I felt a bit sorry for him then.

The fourth red flag was when the big fight between my parents seemed to end up with my mom throwing all sorts of things outside the house, kicking him out. I went in to help her throw things out and they were all church artifacts. Lots and lots of Catholic church artifacts. I even threw out a few scrolls, and I remember wondering how they got from the Vatican to my mother’s house. The neighbors were greedily fighting for all the items that came flying from my mother’s house. My father was nowhere in sight, and for some reason, that wasn’t surprising.


The biggest red flag was when Adrian Lester showed up with a lorry full of new furniture for my mother’s house. He offered to fully furnish her now empty house in exchange for my hand in marriage. Can you imagine that! Of course, I said a very quick yes and the deal was quickly sealed with a kiss. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous kissing Adam with my tiny hands and tiny feet, but I was all grown up again! And the kiss was…memorable. Very, very memorable.

Funnily enough, the one bit that was not a surprise was when we left with Adam and his people to head over to his place. We got onto this escalator that ended at the top with very tiny cubicles. Only one person per cubicle. With one last kiss, Adam got into his cubicle and sped off. I was amazingly calm when I got into mine. The cubicle was calm and serene as it zoomed off…until it stopped, and opened at the top. I had to climb from the top to get off the cubicle. My feet landed on cold slabs of steel. I had to hold on to the bars of steel to hoist myself off the cubicle and it sped off. I looked at where I was to step into next. It looked like a prison of sorts. With lots and lots of maggots. But the maggots had faces, and most were crying. Like crying out for help. Their cries were getting louder, and their maggoty faces were getting a lot closer…or I was falling towards them in slow motion. But yet the calm remained with me and prevailed. One maggot stretched out its hand towards me. It felt like it was meant to be a consoling pat…or maybe even a hug?…

But it was the nurse waking me up for my morning meds.





A friend in here tells me my dreams, which seem to be getting crazier all of a sudden, may be a way of my sub-conscience dealing with all the things I am bringing to the forefront of my mind. Right!




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