Clean Slate

Nothing makes sense to me right now. There is an anger that I should be feeling, but I don’t. I have a feeling reading up my previous blogs will answer some of my questions, but I’m afraid I’m not ready to lose my innocence. So I’m not going to read them just yet.

This song had an importance of sorts to me…I remember that. But I have listened to it twice today and I still don’t know what it is. I’m just going to keep listening to it, I guess.

I supposedly love writing. And have been keeping a sort of diary here. So I guess I have to keep on keeping on.

Here is what I do know…I am an atheist! I have a band on my wrist to remind me of this…so that must mean I really didn’t want to forget.

Today I’m going to replay what I do for work. I haven’t been able to replay it all yet, which is a bit disturbing.



  1. I like the original version for different reasons than why I like the Disturbed version. The faster tempo and harmonies have a more 60 sound to the original, but Disturbed rocked it.

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