First Hiccup

For some reason, this is the song that has been playing for some time in my head. I did have a bit of a religious phase that was dedicated to this group,so I guess it was just a matter of time before I came knocking on this particular corner.

download (4)

I have this group to thank for my red hair. I know I did it a lot later in life but this was my first red hair inspiration! I also wanted the eye ring…but turns out I wasn’t that into pain. It was either going to be the eye ring or the tattoo. In the end, I think I chose ok.

So, I went through my first hiccup today. After putting in a few good hours at work, I decided to stroll home while passing by the local brewery for a small pint. I sort of knew I was on meds so I could only drink so much. But of course, my mind picked this time to let me know that I can’t recall anything! Seriously. I had to make a very uncomfortable phone call to a friend to ask if she could direct me to the closest shop. It got uncomfortable…fast! I mean, for real, what kind of drinker was I before? Because, to be honest, I would love to believe that my friend was just being cautious. But I seem to be the kinds of people that get riled up pretty fast. I went from planning to just drink maybe one bottle and ended up buying 2 5L bottles of white and red wine. And it was all because one of the guys asked ‘Are you taking both?’ And somehow that seemed like a challenge worth taking!

The talk with my doctor didn’t go so well. I think she thinks I don’t take my life seriously enough. Well, considering the meds I am taking do play such a big role in my life….I can understand her feeling like I ought to take my life a bit more seriously. So I guess now I’m stuck with loads of alcohol that I cannot drink..yet. To be fair, I will be on these meds for the rest of my life…. I deserve wine once in a while. And I will always already have it. One less thing to worry about…right?  I feel a lot better now that I have drunk it. But I also feel like crap. Bloody hell!

In hiccup friendly news, I have been chatting with someone I matched with on Tinder…seriously! Like my life actually needs a lot more to be fucked up right now. I don’t know why I have needed this chat to happen, but it has, and it has kept on happening!

Also, I tried on lipstick and I thought I looked like a crazy person on crack! Apparently, I do makeup. Me! Wow. It doesn’t help that there are all these pics for proof! I feel like shit when I have stuff on my face! I have the weekend to try this on again and see if can adapt! I am not very hopeful.

Atheist Debbie is enjoying religious Makoma a lot more than religious Debbie ever did. And I miss the fact that most of my friends are not close today. So I will keep Makoma alive…I’ve earned them somehow.


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