In all Honesty

I have been crying for the just about an hour now. It started off a bit stupid when I cut myself accidentally while opening a soda bottle and the tears haven’t stopped rolling.

I now have blurry, teary eyes to type through and shakey fingers as well. Just dandy.

I have spent today the same way I have spent the last few days. Trying to figure myself out and working on getting my mind sorted. Today I finally figured out what was causing my hands to shake and the blurry vision. The multivitamins also sorted out my nausea…so today should have been a victory. It is a victory.

Today I am being a lot harder on myself. The voices in my head are a lot harsher, and the eyes behind my own see a lot more than I can see. I am trying to figure out the why and so far I’m hitting some blanks. My biggest fear was that I may have burned some more bridges that I can’t remember. That has to be the only reason that makes sense. So I guess I owe a lot more people apologies?

I somehow thought that these days of crying over and over again would be gone by now. I should have known better.

Typing with shaky fingers is also a lot more frustrating than I thought!

I just saw the date…maybe these tears are not my mental health issues being dicks. Maybe it’s just that my periods are almost here.





Ed Sheeran is perfect for tears!


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