I hated pants.

Partly because I live in a very hot town, and pants can be a pain.

Also because I was a little on the smaller side, and pants made this painfully obvious.

It’s a good thing I can get away with wearing all sorts of dresses to work and play.

The good news is that I’ve had hips pop out in the last couple of months,

And I’m not Nicki Minaj yet, but I’m packing a bit there too.

I’ll be tempted to wear pants more often now,

My gynae will definitely not approve.





This is for Linda’s JusJoJan challenge. For more information, click here



  1. I’m the opposite. I hate dresses/skirts. My daughter on the other hand, would prefer to wear them most of the time. She refuses to wear jeans, but will wear leggings when it’s cold.

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