I can’t settle on whether it is my body or my clothes that are hell-bent on humiliating me!

I could wear this comfortably in October!


I’m working on something my therapist said the last time I saw her. Just because I’m working on looking a particular way in the future doesn’t mean I get to hate who I am today. I need to love this body that currently can NOT fit any of its previous clothes…and love the clothes too. It’s not really their fault.

Mirtazapine, which my doctor says is the cause of the ballooning weight in less than two months, has been stopped. Not because of the weight gain. That’s just an added bonus for me, I guess.  I noticed an instant difference in my appetite and I don’t have crazy cravings. It’s only been two days since I stopped though, maybe they will still come back. Or maybe they are just in hiding. I’m still on Camcolit after all.

To be fair though, the love-hate relationship I have with my body right now is pretty good motivation when I’m struggling to finish my burpee sets.




This is my response to Linda’s Just Jot it January challenge. Click here to be amazed and intrigued enough to join.




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