Doormat Mode Activated

Have you ever known you are being used, know that you don’t have the heart to take it, yet with a huge smile roll out the red carpet and place yourself in situations that you don’t want to be in? I’m pretty good at it.

Yesterday I called my sister for a much-needed pep talk that I had hoped will fuel me enough to get myself out of this aggravating situation, it worked, in theory. I had the plan, knew exactly what I would say. All that was left was to pick up the phone and make the call. I didn’t.

I’m telling myself that I will find my voice once the situation commences. I do have more knowledge of my limits mentally now so I want to believe that I will be able to speak up. I know I’m all about loving me this year and I’m already putting myself in a situation that pisses me off. That’s pretty aggravating.

I need someone to blame for the whole ‘smile and wave through the pain’ system that I adopted at some point in my life. But as always, it’s all me. Yawn!



This is in response to Linda’s Jus Jot it January. To find out more, click here.



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